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Blackstone Labs – RadDad’s Vitality StackTake advantage of  RadDad’s personal Stack!Get back your energy, revive your vitality and support your adrenal gland! Balance is so within your grasp.  Naturally…In This Stack:Gear Support is a robust and comprehensive cycle support supplement to be used anytime you’re running an aggressive supplement cycle, providing the essential nutrients your vital organs need to stay safe and protected while on cycle.Apex Male – Beginning at age 30, men experience a gradual, and consistent, decline in testosterone production. Declining testosterone levels means it’s harder to build muscle, and a whole lot easier to gain fat. Until now, the aging male faced two choices, neither ideal — suffer the incessant drop in testosterone, or embrace testosterone replacement therapy.Blackstone Labs has developed a third option, one that restores optimal testosterone production without resorting to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, patches, or injections. Apex Male is a revolutionary, all-natural testosterone booster any man can use to restore health, vigor, and vitality. It’s the daily staple all men over 30 need to boost testosterone production and bring out the alpha male.Adrenal Care by Blackstone Labs is the foremost Adrenal support product available today. Adrenal Care supports the building of these regulating hormones with the raw materials it needs and gives you that extra balance you need to stay feeling great. Adrenal glandulars are adrenal supplements made up of actual adrenal gland tissue. Adrenal Care provides the support your adrenals need to repair themselves and return to normal function. Adrenal Care should be your first choice of adrenal support supplements for mild to moderate cases of adrenal fatigue.Eradicate is a powerful suicide aromatase inhibitor (AI) that reduces estrogen levels, promotes optimal testosterone production, and enhances sex drive. Eradicate is perfect for natural and non-natural athletes looking to take control of their hormones and maximize muscle growth.Take advantage of a RadDad exclusive!  

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